I am 
your slice of

Live your nature!
Your VillaVOON is made of a single material –
wood, matured to perfection.

Two minutes. That is how long it takes the green heart of our country to produce enough material for an entire VillaVOON. 70 trees, perfected over millions and millions of years of knowledge that is stored in our nature. What the forest gives us is perfected by old knowledge and new technology. Tree by tree, room by room. Until it is complete – your slice of nature.

Monolithic wood construction
in its purest form.


The VillaVOON team had no lesser ambitions when developing the patented wooden construction system.

The basic element of the construction system is a wooden post made of spruce, which measures 20 by 5 centimeters in cross-section. After appropriate processing with a CNC milling machine, the posts are assembled into a beam with connecting profile strips made of ash wood. In the next production step, the beams are finally connected to form the frame.

Different shapes and different angles can be produced in this way; only the structural wood protection, i.e. the draining of the water and the drying out of the material, must be guaranteed.

The final step on the way to VillaVOON? One frame after the other is joined together and simply connected to a larger profile made of ash wood. Centuries-old tradition meets modern CNC technology.

Strung together, the frames form the „pure“ villa. The result is a monolithic and diffusible wood system, completely free of adhesives or artificial fasteners. This frame construction method is based on traditional shipbuilding, from which the technique of „caulking“ (sealing with hemp) is adopted. And it is precisely this construction technique that makes the villa not only a unique architectural masterpiece, but also the most natural home of our time..

The foundation consists of concrete piles that lift the VillaVoon from the ground. The distance protects the wood from soil moisture and evokes the traditional base zone of farmhouses.

A VillaVOON is not just built! No, it is composed! Like notes, the panels are lined up on site from left to right or vice versa and connected with wooden materials. Wood is the building material that determines the construction rules, as neither adhesive nor metal parts are used in the construction. For that reason, the VillaVoon system can be used for one to two stories, although there are very few limits to the length and shape of a villa.

Tradition and

centuries of know-how
meet modern

CNC technology


Like notes, the panels are lined up on site from left to right or vice versa and connected with wooden materials. In this way, a villa is not only built; it becomes an image and a melody of the nature that surrounds it.

The building material wood provides constructive rules, since neither glue nor metal parts are used in the construction. Sizes of one to two stories are thus possible for the VillaVoon system, whereby there are few limits to the length and shape of a villa.

Prototyp 2.0 –
Speed it up


The prototype 2.0 was milled on Friday and successfully passed the quality check.

Joinery machine ROBOT-Drive


The new Hundegger ROBOT-Drive joinery machine ideally combines the advantages of a completely new machine concept with the experience from more than 5000 Hundegger machines delivered. The new generation of machines is particularly characterized by high flexibility with a small footprint and low costs.

The machine is ideal for timber construction companies whose main interest is high flexibility with almost unlimited processing options. With the ROBOT-Drive, it is now possible to produce all of the machining processes common in carpentry joinery, even with large component cross-sections, precisely and without folding or turning in one pass.

As little as possible,
as much as desired

Nature dictates the building laws!
All components of the villa’s construction are strictly selected and installed according to ecological criteria – from adhesive-free moon-wood windows and almost PVC-free electrical wiring with natural rubber coating to sealing with hemp and sheep’s wool insulation.

Traditional trades and the associated knowledge that have been handed down over thousands of years form the basis. This return to old building techniques also makes it possible to work completely without the use of adhesives, binders and the usual metallic fixing materials. In addition, the shortest possible transport routes are guaranteed and CO2 is already saved during production.

The entire utility technology is installed below the villa in a shaft accessible from the outside. Depending on the location, air, water or geothermal heat pumps serve as supply sources. The interior fittings do not include plasterboard, tiles or silicone. Only natural or near-natural products are used.


In the beginning there was the wooden house. When mankind settled down, there was already a need for a roof over one’s head. While the original hut was still a roof made of twigs placed on the ground, the craftmanship of the people developed rapidly.

A simple room with a stove standing in the middle was the next stage in the development of the new home. In the 15th century, this room was extended by a corridor and a kitchen. In the late 16th century, the wooden houses finally reached the shape that is still common in Austria today.

However, industrialization and the influence of the city meant that the rural farmhouse was no longer of any use. It disappeared more and more from the residential landscape and was replaced by new buildings. Only a few contemporary witnesses from the period between the 16th and 18th centuries have survived. One can learn so much from them. VillaVOON has done exactly that

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